”Mushokutensei 2” Episode 0 Summary and Review【Spoiler Alert】Reveals Why Sylphiette Becomes Fitz.


The highly anticipated second season of “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation” has started! The first season was a high-quality anime adaptation made with great care, so expectations are high for the second season as well. By the way, the author of this article has already watched the first season, but has not read the original novel, so he is watching the second season with a fresh perspective.

That being said, I already knew from pre-season information that Fitz, who appears from the second season, is actually Sylphiette. I didn’t expect the two mysteries of what happened to her, who was Rudeus’s friend in the first season, after she was transferred and why her hair turned white to be solved so quickly at the beginning of the second season (laughs). I guess her hair turned white from the fear of falling.

It’s a complicated feeling when the scene changes completely from the tough last scene of the first season. It’s nice to be able to organize your thoughts, but you want to see Rudeus’s story soon.

Sylphiette Is Involved in a Troublesome Situation in the Tea Scene

Ariel, who was saved by Sylphiette, who was transferred, seems to be a member of the royal family with a lot of unknowns in the background. There seems to be a danger of assassination due to a dispute over the inheritance right.

However, the conversation during the tea scene seemed elegant and ambiguous, but something like “collapse” or something…is it a dirty joke? (laughs) She’s supposed to be a lady from a good family, but is she unexpectedly open about that stuff?

Then there’s the beast like a wild boar that comes at the lady and Sylphiette falling from the sky. I thought it was a gag scene, but the wild boar died from the impact of the fall! I thought everyone around them would be saved somehow, so it was shocking.

Sylphiette’s Ambiguous and Uneasy Atmosphere! What Is Her Position?

Sylphiette became Ariel’s attendant out of gratitude for saving her life. At this point, it was easy to see that Sylphiette was Fitz.

Is the statement “a luxury cake with plenty of nuts on it” at the party a kind of code phrase? It seems to be related to the succession to the throne, and there seems to be some kind of conspiracy going on, but it’s still unclear at this point. This one doesn’t seem to be a dirty joke (laughs).

Sylphiette, called “silent” Fitz, is somehow feared by everyone, and she’s still physically exhausted from standing.

I thought Ariel and Sylphiette had a mutually beneficial relationship, but at this point, it seems to be a relationship where Ariel is helping Sylphiette quite one-sidedly. Well, since she’s her life saver, she probably feels a sense of gratitude.

Luke, the attendant, and Sylphiette sleep in the same room…or rather, it seems like Luke gave his sleeping place to Sylphiette. They are sharing the same room to prevent Sylphiette’s cross-dressing from being exposed.

Ariel is still struggling with more than just being a noble. Sylphiette, who was involved in all of this, was also sent to a harsh environment. It may still be better than Rudeus’s journey, but…in this situation, they can’t search for the missing Rudeus and the others.

Sexual Harassment by the Lady and an Assassin’s Raid! Can’t Take Your Eyes off the Rapid Development

Ariel, who spits out meaningful words every time she meets someone close to her. It’s quite messy. It seems difficult to remember the relationships perfectly, but at least we know that the lady is being targeted.

Despite being in such a difficult situation, Ariel tried to make a straightforward approach on Sylphiette in bed! Isn’t this lady in trouble? Rudeus, hurry up and come back! But it was a joke. It could have been serious, but I’m looking forward to the future developments.

Time seems to have passed, and Sylphiette has become a little more mature and beautiful. There was still a young cuteness like the old Sylphiette in the scene where she smiled in the mirror.

And the other heirs to the throne, who are plotting in the shadows. The daughter with the sullen eyes who was being sexually harassed has a unique personality…and then she came to assassinate them right away! The development is fast. The fact that the assassin’s name is “night hawk” means that there might be a reappearance?

And to the School…How Will Rudeus Join Them?

Ariel, who is studying abroad to ensure her safety. It seems that Sylphiette/Fitz is also going with her, so it looks like they are entering the rumored school arc.

Seeing Sylphiette’s determination to accompany the lady, she looks really like a male protagonist.

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