”Mushokutensei 2” Episode 6 Summary and Review【Spoiler Alert】


Fulfilling School Life of Rudeus – Glad to See He Hasn’t Forgotten the Main Plot

Rudeus is having a fulfilling school life, both academically and socially. He continues to exercise and is living a healthy life unlike his past self.

He may find university classes boring due to his level, but it’s good for him to review the basics. Rudeus was always passionate about learning from a young age, so it’s great that he has the opportunity to fully immerse himself in studies again. He’s also thoroughly researching teleportation magic, and it’s reassuring to know that he hasn’t forgotten the main plot.

His diet seems to be pretty good for a medieval fantasy setting. The university’s food menu is quite standard with fried food, bread, and soup, but it’s sufficient for lunch.

The only concern would be Elinalize, who appears in his peripheral vision. It seems she’s also fishing for men in university, so there’s a little worry about whether she’ll cause any trouble. Let’s hope she’s just gathering information about teleportation incidents!

Fitz Seems to be Enjoying This Relationship?

Rudeus and Fitz’s relationship continues to be good, following on from the previous episode. Fitz may not mind being called “Rudeus-kun” in a senpai-kouhai relationship, and his expression under his sunglasses is really enjoyable to watch!

Although he seems a little embarrassed when Rudeus calls him that, it’s good to see him having fun. It’s cute how he seems to be enjoying this relationship where their true identities are hidden.

From Rudeus’ perspective, Fitz is a man, so it doesn’t seem like their relationship will deepen in that sense. However, after building up a good impression like this, it seems like there will be quite a backlash when his true identity is revealed.

Heartwarming Friendship and Mentor-Student Relationship with Zanoba

For now, it seems like Zanoba is the friendliest person to have an equal relationship with. It’s reassuring to have at least one person Rudeus can talk to.

Regarding Rudeus’ comment about having used figures before, it’s probably better not to delve too deep! Compared to Rudeus, Zanoba’s passion for figures seems to be more pure.

However, it seems that Zanoba isn’t very good at making figures even though he has the passion. It’s clear that not everyone is given the talent they desire. Although Zanoba has been given other exceptional abilities besides figure-making, he seems a little pitiful.

“I Don’t Want to Die” is Reassuring in a Positive Way!

From the discussion about figure-making, they unexpectedly move on to a slave market. It’s surprising that Fitz doesn’t have any resistance to the buying and selling of slaves, which shows that he is a medieval person after all.

It might be difficult for a modern person to go to a slave market, but surprisingly, Rudeus seems to be fine. Although he feels some guilt when he looks at slaves, he doesn’t resist it.

And then a slave girl appears. The sight of her being pulled by chains is quite painful to watch… Rudeus says he can see the “face of someone who wants to die” when he sees the slaves, and it seems like he’s still associating them with his past self.

However, when he chooses to “save” the slave girl by resorting to murder, he’s quite influenced by medieval values. I feel like he wouldn’t have made that choice in the past. Perhaps his values have become more severe due to his time with Zoltart and the others.

The title “I Don’t Want to Die” is redeemed. Although the situation is not good, it’s good to see it used in a positive sense…! I was worried that Rudeus would be on the verge of death.

Rudeus’ line “It’s okay not to want to live. It’s okay not to want to die” when he sees the slave girl again echoes his own situation. It’s a great line that only Rudeus, who has gone through many difficult experiences, could come up with.

The Slave Girl Juli Was Cute, But the Title of the Next Episode Seems Quite Ominous?

Juli (Juliet) was purchased as a slave, but it seems like she won’t be treated too badly in school. It’s cute how Juli desperately picks up the scraps of paper that Zanoba threw away!

It seems like Zanoba and Rudeus are both passionate about educating Juli for their own purposes. It’s a kind of special education in a way. Thanks to the two of them, Juli seems to be growing up to be talented. I didn’t notice it last week, but she even appeared with a smile in the ending credits!

This episode was peaceful with a focus on school life, but the title of the next episode is “The Beast Tribe Lady Kidnapping and Confinement Incident”.I look forward to the next development!

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