”Mushokutensei 2” Episode 5 Summary and Review【Spoiler Alert】


Entering the La Nouvelle Magie University arc! A school with a high degree of freedom, but also a sense of trouble?

Starting this time, we’re finally entering the La Nouvelle Magie University arc! As expected of a university, the school is quite large, and a wide range of characters appeared just this time.

However, Rudius, asking if he can learn medical treatment for mental illness at the university, isn’t ED treatment the top priority?

It seems like you can move around pretty freely at the university, but there is a suspicious atmosphere around the student council, and Rudius seems to be involved in some form of succession struggle because Fitz is there.

If you feel a sense of trouble everywhere, you wouldn’t expect the first trouble to be mistaken for a panty thief…. I didn’t expect such trouble.

Rudius, who had a trauma switch, couldn’t bear being surrounded and accused by girls! Well, it’s okay because this event deepened his relationship with Fitz.

Meeting with Senior Fitz… Rudius, who didn’t realize that it was a reunion, is frustrating! The highlight of this time is the reunion with Senior Fitz!

She said “Ah…” at first, so it seems like she noticed Rudius. The fact that she noticed Rudius even before he introduced himself shows how big of a presence Rudius is to her.

Rudius, who doesn’t notice it at all! Oh, Rudius!!!!… Well, for Rudius, it’s understandable that he doesn’t notice due to reasons such as his height has grown and his hair has turned white, but I still want her to realize it.

This may also be a kind of protagonist correction. I thought she should have noticed because of his ahoge!

Looking at the result of the duel between the two, Rudius’ current strength seems to be overwhelmingly superior. This is not because Fitz has not grown, but because Rudius has grown overwhelmingly through his harsh journey.

Fitz, who seems to have become quite strong in character, threatens the girls to help Rudius, who is suspected of being a panty thief. However, he still blushes when he whispers in her ear, so his fundamental personality seems to be unchanged.

Why didn’t Sylphy reveal her true identity? However, what was worrisome in the reunion scene was why she didn’t tell Rudius that her true identity was Sylphy.

As a royal guard, is there some kind of problem? I thought so, but there doesn’t seem to be anything like that in this story. Of course, there is a possibility that the reason will be revealed in the future.

Actually, I think she is looking at Rudius a lot and maybe she wants him to figure out her true identity. Maybe she’s just embarrassed to say it herself? I’m also curious about Sylphy’s inner thoughts about this.

Unexpectedly, Cliff reappears! What will happen to Rudius’ relationship with him in the future? I knew it from the last time, but Zanoba appeared. Since they have a common hobby (making figures) and get along well, he seems to be a reliable friend in student life.

And what’s more shocking is Cliff! I didn’t know who he was for a moment, but he’s a boy who appeared in the side story “Eris’s Goblin Subjugation”. He’s no longer a boy because time has passed.

I didn’t expect to meet Rudius before Eris. Since they are meeting for the first time and they probably don’t know much about Eris’ relationship with Rudius, their conversation could get complicated. Especially for Rudius, Eris is a traumatic point, so I’m quite anxious about his relationship with Cliff in the future.

In addition, it was surprising that Senior Luke turned out to be Rudius’ acquaintance. He seemed like a mean senior character, but he was just complaining to Rudius, who is insensitive to Fitz’s true identity, so he doesn’t seem like a bad person.

Elinarize enrolled! The university’s order is in big trouble? There were many scenes with unexpected twists and turns, such as the reunion with Fitz and Zanoba and the reappearance of Cliff, but the most shocking thing was Elinarize’s enrollment.

It was already known in the opening, but I didn’t expect her to enroll as a student! I thought Rudius was in a guardian-like position. It might be awkward for Rudius, who has a modern sense, to become a friend of his father’s friend. But is it okay?

However, Elinarize seems to be looking for men even at the university. She’s really dangerous… I’m starting to worry if she’ll become prey to every new male character. Are the teachers really okay with this?

Rudius, who gives instruction on miniskirts and absolute territory, is amazing. What kind of nerve does he have to give advice on sexy clothes to his father’s friend?

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