”Mushokutensei 2” Episode 3 Summary and Review【Spoiler Alert】Rudeus can’t get it up. Men’s friendship is hot!


I really wanted to say “do your best!” to Rudeus who is facing an unprecedented crisis.

The party was lively, and the date with Sarah was going well. Everything was smooth sailing. I wished moments like this could last forever! However, some people may have noticed Rudius’ expression in the sponsor illustration on terrestrial TV and realized what was about to happen…

During Rudius and Sarah’s date, Rudius blushed upon accidentally seeing Sarah’s cleavage. This made me nostalgic for the old, perverted Rudius. Whenever things got vulgar, the personality of Rudius from his previous life would come out, reminding me of the first season of the anime (laughs). Despite Sarah’s excitement for the date, what happened next was unexpected.

I never thought that the anime would depict such a realistic setback. I think over 90% of male viewers were cheering Rudius from the bottom of their hearts during that scene.

From Rudius’ point of view, he didn’t seem to have serious romantic feelings for Sarah. However, it seemed like Sarah was quite serious about him. If that was the case, it was natural for her to react harshly when denied. It was a really painful scene to watch, especially since nobody was at fault. In retrospect…I feel like there was quite a bit of explanation missing about Eris, which may have been a significant factor!

Approaching the chaotic Rudius… wait, is that you?!

Regarding that failure, it’s understandable for Rudius himself to feel abandoned again. The scene where he gets angry and hits Zoltard is quite difficult to watch… Although it’s tough, Rudius expressing his true feelings to someone is relatable to viewers and increases empathy towards him.

Zoltard seems to have had some thoughts about Rudius, and becomes a good person to talk to. In the previous article, I wrote that Zoltard doesn’t seem like a bad guy, and it’s surprising how quickly they become friends! The title of episode 3, “Rapid Approach,” was actually referring to Zoltard, not Sara (lol).

The deepening of friendship between men due to Simo’s failure is a story that is strangely realistic. Of course, Rudius probably didn’t have that kind of experience in his past life, so in a sense, this may be one of the things he acquired after reincarnation.

Encouraging someone to go to a brothel to solve their problems also seems like a solution that male friends would come up with. Drinking and going to brothels, the relationship between bad friends is the same everywhere.

When the screen went dark at the moment they were about to do something with Elise-san at the brothel, I thought “Ah, it didn’t work out.” Her warm words that resonate in Rudius’ heart are indescribable. It’s typical of him to momentarily remember “that person.”

Rudeus lost a woman, but gained friendship! Overall, it’s a plus!

Rudius’s abusive language towards the end was more of a light-hearted remark to give up on himself, rather than to disparage Sarah. Unfortunately, she happened to hear it.

Zoldaat, who appeared oddly uncomfortable during that statement, is really a good guy at heart. He lost a woman but gained a lifelong friend, which is definitely a plus! It’s like when one god abandons you, another picks you up. You can’t move on without thinking positively!

In the anime, there’s always a positive outcome at the end of every episode, even if the storyline is hard, leaving a good aftertaste. This intentional approach brings hope for the future.

The development of Zoldaat becoming Rudius’s ally after parting ways with Counter Arrow was unexpected, but it once again highlights Rudius’s growth story.

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