”Mushokutensei 2” Episode 7 Summary and Review【Spoiler Alert】


The battle scene after Rudeus’ anger was so cool… why did it become like this!?

The shocking scene that I saw only the thumbnail in the trailer. I was wondering why Rudeus had such an expression, but it was about Roxy… Honestly, it’s understandable. For Rudeus, anything related to Roxy has always been a minefield.

However, his anger is no joke! He’s so angry that even Zanoba, let alone Juli, is shocked. Also, Zanoba’s crying scene when apologizing to Rudeus was so well-drawn that I was surprised.

After that, when he defeats the kemono ear girls in an instant, Rudeus’ growth speed is indeed overwhelming compared to others. These two are also powerful since they have defeated Zanoba in a duel, but they are no match for him.

However, the scene in which Rudeus shows his strength for the first time in the Lanoa Magic University arc, such as the scene where he steps on the breasts of kemono ear girls… “Today is white”, really!! (laughs)

Catchy Title Retrieval! Are You the Culprit?!

The title of this time’s incident is “Abduction and Confinement of the Beastman Lady”. The culprit is none other than Rudeus!

I thought it would follow the typical storyline of an incident happening at school, Rudeus getting involved, and becoming friends with his comrades. But this was a real shocker.

In a sense, it was his own doing, but the abduction and confinement went a bit too far. And it’s just too much to have almost no reaction when groping breasts!

It’s quite something to make someone make a mistake without food. I’m glad they were able to reconcile with Fitz’s lukewarm punishment.

And finally, Rudeus has even made a shrine for the sacred object. He showed the greatest level of creepiness, but it also brought back some nostalgia. However, he seems to still have some minimum level of rationality since he doesn’t show the sacred object to Fitz…

But Rudeus, could you stop checking your crotch every time there’s an erotic situation? (laughs) Well, I understand you’re desperate, though!

Cute but pitiful kemonomimi girls!

Linear and Pursena are a pair of kemonomimi girls who were kidnapped and held captive. They both have good personalities, but when things get dicey, they start pointing fingers at each other. Linear’s cries of distress when she’s about to be blamed for everything are quite something (laughs).

At their core, Linear seems to have a more straightforward personality, while Pursena has a bit of a troublesome vibe. Once they learned of Rudeus’s strength, they pledged their loyalty to him, and both act on their instincts.

They’ve become friendly with Rudeus and company, so we can expect great things from them in the future!

Fitz’s Cute Girl Vibe in Her Room! What Happens Next with Rudeus?

In episode 7, Fitz’s room is depicted, and it’s quite a nice place to live. Although there’s minimal furniture, there are cute cushions and such, with a girly vibe upon closer inspection.

Seeing her washing her face, she gives off the impression of being mature, just like Rudeus. Her appearance in pajamas is quite that of a cute girl.

Since Fitz also has a habit of jogging in the morning, I wonder if she’ll meet Rudeus by chance? But he had already seen Rudeus behind him. Will they start jogging together eventually?

It’s good to see that Fitz is enjoying a fulfilling school life like Rudeus while taking care of the young lady.

When Rudeus said she could look at his belongings in his room, Fitz’s ear twitching was cute!

Afterwards, when she teased him by asking if she could see him take off his sunglasses on the bed, I thought she might be enjoying the tension of whether or not her true identity would be revealed. I wonder how much of Ariel’s orders are true?

Juli’s Growth Rate is Unbelievable!

Juli arrived at Rudius’s place as a slave in episode 6, but it turns out she’s treated as an apprentice, so we can breathe a sigh of relief.

And the pace of Juli’s training scenes is great! I wrote in my previous review that I have high hopes for her future, but I never expected her to grow so fast…. She’s improved not only in spells and language but also in cleaning skills, which is surprising.

She nods along to Zanoba’s lectures, hides behind Zanoba because she’s scared of Rudius, and climbs on the two of them to do “D.V.D!”… I mean, “Ro, Ki, Shi!” So, it was a full episode of Juli’s cute scenes. Her cry when she runs away is also adorable!

Will the Story Move Forward Next Time?

Episode 7 was an episode that neutralized the creepiness of Rudeus with the cuteness of Julis and Fitz. Although the story in the Lanoa Magic University arc has not yet moved much, the character development in the daily life episodes is wonderful and enjoyable.

The title of the next episode is “The Fiancee from Despair,” so there is a feeling that the story will finally move forward…! However, I feel like I’ve been wrong about my predictions every time, so I’m not sure!

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