”Mushokutensei 2” Episode 4 Summary and Review【Spoiler Alert】A story begins with an encounter with a naughty elf sister


Rudius Becomes Even Stronger! Muscles Never Betray

Thanks to his muscle training, Rudius is becoming visibly more muscular and manly. His back is also becoming more mature, and he’s starting to resemble Paul more.

From the flow of the previous episode, I thought he had joined Zolad’s party, but it seems he didn’t become a formal member. It’s a bit lonely, but it can’t be helped because their goals are different.

Although he has returned to using honorifics with Zolad, it’s like a habit for Rudius and they have a relationship where they can casually complain to each other after being honest with each other once.

However, due to the effect of training his body, Rudius’ athletic ability has also become quite high, in addition to his magic. His face has also become more handsome, and he’s starting to feel more like a protagonist. And just as I was thinking that, the shrine where the sacred object is enshrined has become even more gorgeous… There are still some things that haven’t changed (laughs).

After spending several years in this land, they seem to have become close acquaintances. The bad smile in the parting scene makes them seem like bad friends indeed! For Rudius, who has few friends, I hope they can meet again in the future…

Encounter with the Erotic Elf! Rudius’ face listening to the act up close is amazing

In the fourth episode, he finally reunites with one of Roxy’s companions. I was surprised that the first person he met was Roxy’s erotic elf sister (Ellinalise).

Usually, I don’t check the previews and just enjoy the main story, but I was too curious about the thumbnail of half-naked Rudius in the fourth episode and watched the preview. In this preview, the man from the previous life (Rudius) only talks about the erotic elf sister!

Ellinalise introduced herself as Roxy’s friend at the first meeting, so I thought I was misunderstanding that she was aiming for Rudius… but she is actually targeting him. She doesn’t hesitate to seduce him even if he’s a friend’s friend, and she has no boundaries. Rudius tries to act cool and dominant, but he’s no match for her in terms of experience. In a sexual sense.

After some time has passed, the two of them are in the same room and almost no reaction is shown even though they are both half-naked. It’s become a strange relationship. I thought Rudius had lost interest because he understood Ellinalise’s free-spirited personality (or sexual preferences), but he seems to be watching her with erotic eyes. His eyes when Ellinalise is doing something erotic nearby are amazing! (laughs)

However, if they had become “intimate” in this situation, it would have made the reunion with Roxy awkward, given her personality. In that sense, it might be better to have had the ED…

Ellinalise, who is reaching out everywhere, was also reaching out to Zoladart, after all. It was like saying, “You too!” but Rudius had also talked about Shimo with Zoladart once, so it was good that it didn’t become awkward even in this situation.

However, with all this sexual tension, I’m also curious about Rudius’ relationship with Paulo. For now, he doesn’t seem to want to meet him… but it’s likely that they will meet again somewhere, and I’m looking forward to it.

Finally, the school arc has arrived!

Rudius receives a letter while searching for clues while training his mind and body. The letter is an invitation from the Ranoa Magic University, and it seems that a new development is about to begin. I was wondering how the story would move on from this situation, but it turns out that the fact that he was Roxy’s student is influencing this!

As explained in the story, Rudius’ original goal was to enter university. There were too many things going on, and it seems like a distant past. Time has actually passed, but it gives the impression that he has returned to the starting point.

However, Rudius, who prioritizes finding his family, seems to be hesitant to go to school. Well, that’s understandable.

If the school arc is not yet starting, then the long-awaited Hitogami appears here. When Hitogami appears, it’s a premonition that the story is about to move significantly, so the scene of his appearance is exciting. However, I never thought that one of the reasons why he decided to go to school was… Those who have seen the main story may think, “It’s just like Rudius,” but what do you think?

As a side note, I learned for the first time by watching this story that the official name for the ED is Erectile Dysfunction (laughs). Rather, I wonder why Rudius could say the official name so smoothly…

And in the ED, or rather ending, the Ranoa Magic University is shown. There are many characters that I’ve never seen before, but there are also many faces that I know. I have a strong memory of a man rubbing his body against a statue while half-naked!

From the next episode, “Jobless Reincarnation II” will finally enter the school arc. The story is likely to move significantly, so it’s even more unmissable.

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