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“Oshi no Ko” Episode 1 Summary and Review【Spoiler Alert】Black and cute idols… Wrap up the scandalous life!


I was drawn to the key visual that said “lies are a weapon in the entertainment industry” and decided to watch this anime. “Oshi no Ko” is a reincarnation story that portrays love and desire, a revenge drama, a murder mystery, and a success story of an idol, allowing you to enjoy many elements.

This collaboration work between the original creator Akasaka Aka and the artist Yokoyari Mengo, which won first place in the comic category of the “Next Manga Awards 2021”, has already been adapted into an anime.

In the first episode, “Mother and Children”, the turbulent life of the idol Ai, who made history, is portrayed. It is inevitable that you will be fascinated by the development in the last 15 minutes and become hooked on the anime, wanting to watch more.

“Oshi no Ko” is an anime that allows you to enjoy many elements such as a reincarnation story that portrays love and desire, a revenge drama, a murder mystery, and a success story of an idol.

Ai (CV. Rie Takahashi), a 16-year-old girl who is the center of the idol group “B-Komachi”, uses lies as a weapon to dominate the era, but due to a certain secret, three precious lives are lost. The story follows Ai as she seeks out the mastermind who put her beloved in a life-threatening situation and embarks on a revenge journey.

The original work is a collaboration between Akasaka Aka, who won first place in the comic category of the “Next Manga Awards 2021”, and Yokoyari Mengo, the artist.

Characters of the anime “Oshi no Ko”


In this anime with a complex storyline, the characters have their own sad and happy circumstances.

Ai and the people closest to her in the story

Here are the important people in the life of the central character, ultimate beauty idol Ai.

Ai (CV. Rie Takahashi)

Ai (CV. Rie Takahashi) is a 16-year-old girl who is the center of the idol group “B-Komachi”. Her eyes are impressive with star marks on both. She has a bright and positive personality, but she has trouble remembering faces and names, except for the names of talented people. Her acting and singing skills are average, but she uses her ultimate looks and charm to pursue the path of an idol. She was raised by her mother, who was arrested for theft, and has a problem of not knowing how to love others because of her experience. However, as a charismatic idol who aspired to a lively family, she will experience a dramatic turn of events at the age of 20.

Aqua (CV. Takehito Koyasu)

In “Oshi no Ko”, Aqua is the twin brother of Ai, and his stage name is “Aqua”. He is a reincarnated person who was previously known as a gynecologist named Goro Amemiya. After reincarnating as Aqua, a star mark appears on his right eye, and he makes his child actor debut using his excellent looks. His acting skills are average, but he rises to fame with his super sharp brain, and it is said that there is a “certain important purpose” for him to enter the entertainment industry.

Ruby (CV. Yurie Ikuma)

Ruby is the younger twin sister of Aqua, and her stage name is “Ruby”. She was a serious fan of Ai in her past life and died at the age of 12 due to illness. Ruby, who has the same fanatical tendencies as her past life, remembers her name but has vague memories. She has a star mark on her left eye, and unlike her brother, she was born with natural idol potential. Ruby avoids danger with her godlike acting skills. She was scouted, and that was the start of her journey to becoming an idol.

Goro (CV. Kentaro Ito)

Goro Amemiya, a gynecologist and a big fan of the idol group “B-Komachi”, becomes involved with Ai, but unfortunately loses his life because of it.

Sarina (CV. Chiyoda Takayanagi)

Sarina Tendo was a 12-year-old girl who was hospitalized at the hospital where Goro worked as a trainee doctor and was a serious fan of Ai. She was the one who introduced Ai to Goro, but unfortunately, she passed away at the age of 12 due to a disease called progressive star cell tumor.

Aqua (young) (CV. Yumi Uchiyama)

Aqua is played by Uchiyama-san, who portrays the difficult role of living in the present while remembering his past life, despite having the appearance of a baby. The tone of her voice when Aqua’s anger boils over in a scene gave me goosebumps.

Ichigo Production

“B-Komachi” belongs to a small production company called Ichigo Production, which is deeply involved with Ai and her family.

Ichigo Saito (CV. Hiroki Ejima)

Ichigo Saito (CV. Hiroki Ejima) is the president of Ichigo Production and became Ai’s guarantor when she was scouted. He is an important person in both the original and anime versions. He also cooperates with Ruby’s idol activities later on, and his presence in the story is significant.

Miyako Saito (CV. Lynn)

Miyako Saito is the wife of Ichigo Saito and became the president’s wife at a young age, hoping to be involved with beautiful boys. She was the babysitter for Aqua and Ruby, and she began to think of the twins as her own children. She was also the first to witness Ruby’s godlike acting skills and later became the president of Ichigo Production.

Industry people met in the entertainment industry

Kana Arima (CV. Megumi Han)

Kana Arima, a female actor who appears in “Oshi no Ko”, is a childlike actress known as the “genius child actor who can make you cry in 10 seconds”. She has outstanding acting skills that allow her to adapt to her surroundings, and she once lost to Aqua’s acting when they co-starred when he was a child. Since then, she has become aware of Aqua, but she and young Ruby seem to be incompatible. When her career as an actress was past its prime, she was recruited by the twins at Yoto High School to join their idol group.

Taishi Gotanda (CV. Yasuyuki Kase)

When Ai of “Oshi no Ko” made her first drama appearance, the director was Taishi Gotanda. Gotanda seems to have become too immersed in the entertainment industry and has a somewhat detached impression. He becomes interested in Aqua, who came to the shooting location, and calls him “precocious”, but he teaches him about the reality of the entertainment industry without treating him like a child. However, after a tragedy occurs, Aqua asks him for “a very important request”.

Please be aware that spoilers are included in this episode summary!

Unconventional Obstetrician Goro Who Streams DVDs of His Favorite Idol in Hospital Rooms

This episode revolves around Goro (CV. Kent Ito), an obstetrician and a fan of the idol group B Komachi. He has a deep desire for his favorite idol, Ai, and believes that “most things in this world are fiction. They are fabricated, exaggerated, and inconvenient parts are hidden up nicely… That’s why ‘idol fans’ want a ‘good lie’.” He demands that idols lie to their fans. He says that “in the entertainment industry, lies are a weapon.”

  • From the very beginning, footage of B Komachi’s concert at the Budokan plays in the background. Ai (CV. Rii Takahashi) sings “STAR☆T☆RAIN,” and it’s amazing!

B Komachi is a group that has only been formed for four years and has a lot of potential. Its immovable center is Ai (CV. Rii Takahashi), a 16-year-old girl with exceptional beauty as her weapon. Goro, a passionate fan of Ai, streams DVDs of her in hospital rooms and actively promotes her. However, he’s called out by a nurse for being a lolicon and justifies his outrageous behavior by saying, “It’s good for your health to look at beautiful things… It’s part of medical care.”

The 12-Year-Old Girl, Tendouji Sarina, Who Introduced Goro to His Idol

When Goro was still a medical trainee, there was a girl who introduced him to Ai. Her name was Tendouji Sarina (CV. Chiba Takako).

While Sarina was hospitalized, she passionately talked to Goro about B Komachi and her favorite idol, Ai. Goro became an “Ai fan” thanks to her passionate words.

One day, Goro asks Sarina, “Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you were born the child of a celebrity?” This is about the dazzling world line that has good looks and connections.

Sarina says that when she becomes an idol, Goro will support her. She happily hugs Goro and says, “I love you! Let’s get married!”

Goro is bewildered, but he answers, “There are social problems with that, so please forgive me! I’ll think about it when you’re 16.” “Sixteen? You’re cruel,” Sarina responds sadly.

However, Sarina passed away at the age of 12 due to Retinoblastoma. If she were still alive, she would have been the same age as Ai, 16 years old.

Goro continues to support Ai with the desire to see her walk down the path Sarina dreamed of.

One day, a nurse asks Goro a sharp question: “If you were asked to date Ai, what would you do in Sarina-chan’s name?”

Goro avoids answering clearly. He continues to hold onto his feelings while cherishing Sarina’s memories and supporting Ai.

The Idol He Adores, Ai, Goes on Hiatus for an Unexpected Reason!

Suddenly, it’s announced on Twitter that Ai will go on hiatus due to health issues. Goro worries and heads to the afternoon clinic. There, a 16-year-old pregnant woman with a complicated situation is waiting in the examination room. To his surprise, she’s his “oshi” idol!

The president of the production company, Ichiro Saito (CV. Eikou Owada), accompanies her to the hospital. Saito is Ai’s legal guardian as she grew up in a facility and is a reliable figure for her. Ai says, “It’s just like Saito-san to recommend this remote hospital.”

Ai was pregnant with twins at 20 weeks, but she didn’t mention anything about the father. When Saito asked her, she replied, “It’s a secret.”

With a worried look, Saito says to Ai, “Having a child at 16 and giving birth…if that were known to the public, it would be the end of our company.” He seems to be feeling the urgency of the situation.

On the TV in the waiting room, there’s a big news story about the marriage and pregnancy of comedian PONTA and idol MIU. Goro is distracted by this news.

“If I were to die now… could I be reborn as the child of an idol?” says a man who is a fan of MIU.

Can You Support an Idol Who Has a Child and a Partner?

Goro is left with the words of the MIU fan who asks, “Can you support an idol who has a child and a partner?”

Goro is deeply moved and ponders on the rooftop of the hospital. He confesses his feelings as a fan to Sarina’s smiling face on his phone lock screen.

Suddenly, Ai appears on the rooftop. She notices that Goro has figured out who she is and says, “You can’t hide what overflows after all!” while striking a playful pose.

Ai asserts that she won’t stop being an idol and lovingly strokes her belly. She decides not to announce that she will continue to be an idol while having a child.

“Idols are idols. They shine with the magic of lies. Lies are the best kind of love,” says Ai. Her words show her unwavering confidence.

“We (idols) also have hearts and lives. We become top idols by hiding one or two children!” Ai continues. She wants to balance her happiness as a mother and happiness as an idol.

The beautiful and strong girl, Hoshino Ai, has the determination to move forward without giving up. Goro is also moved by her and decides to safely deliver a healthy child.

From Hell to Heaven… Goro Dies. And then, Reincarnates!

Ever-positive Ai spends her pregnant life cheerfully and energetically. And now, after 40 weeks, tomorrow is her due date.

Goro returns home, but suddenly a man wearing a hood approaches him on the dark street. “Are you Ai Hoshino’s doctor?” he asks. Goro doesn’t know why the man spoke to him, but he feels uneasy knowing that the man knows Ai’s real name, despite being admitted under a fake name.

However, the moment Goro senses something strange, he is suddenly pushed and dies. Surprisingly, Goro’s body cannot be found.

Ai’s stalker and hardcore fan, Ryosuke (CV. Atsushi Tamaru), who knows Ai’s secret, killed Goro because he felt betrayed and lied to.

Goro thought he would go to Hell when he died, but he wakes up again, in a way, in a super heaven. Goro reincarnates as Ai’s son Aqua (CV. Yumi Uchiyama). What’s more surprising is that Ai’s daughter Ruby (CV. Yuri Ijima) has also reincarnated as Sarina. Ruby, now reborn as a Gachi-Ota fan of Ai, had a fierce Twitter battle with Ai and her anti-fans at midnight. They both realize they are reincarnated and feel a special connection.

A Real Liar Idol Ai’s Comeback Operation!

Ai decides not to disclose her twins and lets the wife of the production company’s president, Miyako Saito (CV. Lynn), take care of them during work hours. Young and beautiful Miyako is dissatisfied with this decision because she married the president for his good looks.

Ai’s first comeback performance is on a music show. She accidentally says “my child…” during the talk, but manages to get through it.

However, the staff, who are indifferent to the small-time production company’s mass-produced idols, show no interest in Ai. But confident Ichigo boasts that the Ai he produces is a real liar.

As B Komachi begins singing “Sign wa B,” everyone’s attention is drawn to Ai. Aqua, who was born with Goro’s spirit, firmly refuses to breastfeed from Ai’s breasts to protect his pride as a male fan. He drinks from a baby bottle with mixed feelings.

On the other hand, Ruby, who wants to enjoy her privileged environment, enjoys Ai’s milk with satisfaction. Excited, she says, “Mom is too cute! Everyone should pay billions! Even though I just changed her diaper, I’m about to wet myself!” and her eyes shine as she watches Ai sing.

The President’s Wife Exposes a Scandal!? The Babyz are Divine!

Aqua is happy to be able to watch Ai up close, to the point of feeling grateful to the man who killed him. However, a scandal threatens Ai’s comeback.

Miyako’s patience as the president’s wife reaches its limit. She takes a picture of the mother and baby handbook and plans to sell it to a weekly magazine to cause a scandal. Ai is in trouble.

However, Ruby plays the role of a messenger of God and successfully persuades the gullible Miyako. Ruby’s convincing acting and passionate words about Ai remind Aqua of Sarina, causing him to speak up.

Then, when Ruby is called by her past name, Sarina-chan, she responds with a reply.

Despite having returned for a few months, Ai’s popularity gradually increases, with a ranking of 3rd on Oricon. However, her salary is only 200,000 yen. Ai laments that the world ultimately revolves around money.

What Happened to Make the “Pro Smiling” Idol’s Smile the Best?

In the entertainment industry, it is necessary to have “something” that can fight alone, and Ai has a talent for being an idol, but she feels that it is not enough. She herself thinks that this cannot continue.

While ego-searching, Ai finds critical comments about her laughter, saying that it lacks human-like qualities and is not appealing. She is hurt by this.

However, a surprise comes from the twins, who are usually not energetic!

B Komachi’s promotional mini-live begins. A baby carriage for the twins is placed in the front row of a small box. Ruby brought them along with her selfishness.

Although it was prohibited, when they reached the chorus of the first song, the twins’ perfect otagei performance made the audience restless!

Ai is ecstatic because her children are too cute, and she naturally shows her best smile.

When a video of the twins’ otagei performance is uploaded, it receives a huge response with 210,000 retweets! Even harsh fans who criticized Ai’s professional smile highly appreciate her smile at that moment!

Thanks to this surprise, Ai’s human-like and charming smile shines, and her popularity continues to rise.

Making Actresses Cry with Aqua! Meeting a Man Who Teaches the ABCs of the Entertainment Industry.

Ai grasped the secret to a smile, and after working as a model and radio assistant, she finally landed her first role in a drama.

Ai brilliantly handled her first drama shoot, but to her surprise, her scenes were cut one after another!

Aqua, who had received a business card from the director, Yasushi Gotanda (CV: Yasuyuki Kase), for her precocious behavior, impressed the director.

After the broadcast, Aqua calls Gotanda to complain.

Ai’s scenes were significantly cut because her character overlapped with the cute and talented actress who was the lead. This incident made Ai realize the difference in status between major and minor players in the industry.

“You can dream of the entertainment industry, but it’s better not to dream within it… This is a business, not art,” the director says.

As a condition for casting Ai in a movie, the director proposes that Aqua also appear in the movie.

Aqua’s debut performance will be with genius child actress Kan Arima, who can make people cry in 10 seconds (CV: Megumi Han).

Aqua challenges herself to the role with her natural self, and her acting sends shivers down the viewers’ spines.

Kan Arima is completely overwhelmed by Aqua and breaks down in tears of frustration.

Also, Ruby tells Kan Arima that she doesn’t like the fake acting, making it a tough day for Kan Arima.

Awakening the Natural Idol Gene, Ruby Awakens!

The director tells Aqua that what actors need is communication skills. Actors need to read intentions that cannot be put into words.

“You can be an actor who can perfectly fit the role rather than a great actor,” the director praises Aqua.

The movie “It All Starts There,” starring Ai and Aqua, received rave reviews and was nominated for the director’s award.

Thanks to her appearance in the movie, Ai rises to stardom. She is now a highly acclaimed idol talent with rapidly increasing exposure.

By the time Aqua and Ruby enter kindergarten, Ruby is afraid to dance and runs away from the practice.

Ruby, who had ended her previous life due to illness, had no dance experience. Ai supported Ruby, who was filled with anxiety.

Ruby recalls watching Ai’s performances thousands of times from her hospital bed and imagines herself dancing. Suddenly, Ruby’s body begins to itch to dance.

Her inherited talent from Ai begins to bloom. Ruby inherited all of Ai’s genes in terms of acting, looks, and dance.

The Blossoming of a Mother’s Heart…Ai Crosses a Dangerous Bridge by Telling a Lie.

“Would you like to meet the children once?”

One day, Ai contacts her ex-partner, the father of twins, out of concern for their reaction to his existence.

Ruby claims that she had a virgin birth, and Aqua says that she gets depressed just thinking about their father. As a mother, Ai was worried about their reaction to the existence of a father, so she decided to contact him.

“Because you’re smart, you’ll understand our situation,” Ai says.

Ai tells the twins’ father their new address from a public phone. However, this motherly act will lead to a big danger later on.

One day, Ai is scouted by a man named Ichigo on the street, but she immediately declines. However, Ichigo says:

“Customers are looking for ‘beautiful lies.’ Telling lies can also be a talent! While saying ‘I love you,’ it might become true.”

Inspired by these words, Ai makes up her mind. She wanted to love someone and have someone to love from the bottom of her heart. With the desire to say “I love you,” she chose to become an idol.

However, the truth is that Ai has never said “I love you” to her children. She lacks confidence in conveying “true love without lies” to her children.

The shiver of the last 15 minutes…the tragedy that happened early in the morning at 6:00 a.m.

Ai’s work is going well, and next week she is scheduled to perform in a dome, a dream come true. Dome performances are a special stage for idols, where only a handful of selected artists stand.

Ichigo warned Ai to be careful. He advises her to never cause a scandal and especially not to try to meet her “father.

However, Ai, who is a good liar, flatly tells a lie to suit the occasion. Then, an incident occurs early in the morning.

On the day of the dome performance, the intercom at the Hoshino family’s house rings at 6:00 in the morning. When they open the door, they find Goro’s murderer, Ryosuke, standing in front of the door!

Ryosuke stabs Ai deeply in the abdomen with a hidden knife. He accuses Ai of delirium. He curses the idol for having a child, saying that having a child is synonymous with betraying her fans.

Despite the blood, Ai desperately tries to convey her feelings to Ryosuke.

I have always wished for a “beautiful lie” that would please everyone. Lies were love for me. I’ve been telling them love in my own way,” Ai says.

Ai tries to tell Ryosuke how she feels about him in front of him even though her mouth is bleeding. Ai remembers that Ryosuke used to come to shake hands with her. And she still keeps the “star sand” he gave her in her living room.

I still want to love you,” Ai tells him. But, horrified by what Ai has done, Ryosuke runs away from the scene and later commits suicide.

What were the last words left by the idol before death?

Aqua, who had been supporting Ai all the while as she bled heavily from her abdominal aorta, knew that there was nothing the doctor could do for her. Ruby, who was in a room separated by only one door, asked anxiously, “What’s happening?” Despite the difficulty in speaking, Ai continued to worry about the future of her twin and kept talking.

“I have to say this…Ruby, Aqua, I love you…”

Ai poured all her remaining energy into those words. It was a heart-wrenching scene.

“I’m glad I could finally say it…this is definitely not a lie.”

Immediately after saying this, the stars disappeared from Ai’s eyes. News that Ai had been stabbed to death in her apartment spread throughout Japan. The dome concert was canceled, and fans wept in sorrow at the loss of Ai. Many speculations and strange documents circulated online. Ruby went crazy after seeing them.

“It’s okay for idols to be killed if they fall in love? That’s not true! I fell in love with an idol and I was serious about it…are you denying that?”

Ruby lamented heartless posts.

“The cost of fame? Customers are like gods…that’s not a phrase for you to use to justify hurting people! Don’t use it as an excuse to hurt others!”

After three days, news of Ai’s death stopped flowing.

The revenge drama begins… Don’t you have any intention of raising me?

As the president’s couple had transferred the twins’ registry, Aqua and Ruby were not exposed to any discussion. Aqua, who was a witness to the incident, continued to receive counseling for victims for a long time.

An unsolvable mystery lingered in Aqua’s mind… The man who killed Goro and the man who killed Ai were the same person… A student with no skills whatsoever.

Why was that man able to find out which hospital Ai was hospitalized in? Why did that man come to the newly moved house? There must be an informant close to Ai!

Ai has no relatives or friends… The only one remaining is our father. Aqua is convinced! Our father is the culprit who caused Ai to suffer like that! Considering the narrowness of Ai’s circle of friends, there is a high possibility that the father is in the same business.

The culprit (father) must be in the showbiz industry! It can be determined through a genetic test from the hair… I will definitely find and kill him! Aqua, who had decided to take revenge, headed straight to Gotanda.

“Don’t you have any intention of raising me?”

What I’m looking forward to in the next episode of the anime “[Oshi no Ko]”

I was completely absorbed in the 90 minutes and occasionally forgot to breathe! I was speechless at the shocking development.

The pop melody of “Idol” by YOASOBI, which played at the end, shook my heart.


There must have been foreshadowing that led to the father in the first episode. From the second episode, a terrifying revenge drama to find the father (culprit) will begin…

I am a Japanese anime geek. I watch more than 20 anime titles that air each season. Including past productions, I watch nearly 100 titles per year.I will go on to introduce some of the anime that I have found interesting. Please forgive me if my English is still poor.