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“Oshi no Ko” Episode 2 Summary and Review【Spoiler Alert】Protect your little sister from the dark underground idol management… A siscon brother makes a painful choice!


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In episode 2 of the anime “Oshi no ko,” the protagonist’s brother delivers a harsh reality check to his sister who dreams of becoming an idol: “It’s okay to dream of being an idol, but don’t dream of becoming one.” The brother has his reasons for wanting to keep his sister away from the industry, as their mother was a top idol and their sister bears a striking resemblance to her, with 100% idol potential. Despite this, the brother chooses the “third option” out of necessity. The twins, who inherited special blood, begin their journey down a path of carnage, with the girl burning with dreams of becoming an idol, and the boy fueled by revenge.

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Idol group B Komachi’s member, Ai, is stabbed to death in her own home. The culprit is found to be a stalker, but it is a mystery how they knew about Ai’s newly moved in house. Unbeknownst to the public, Ai had a twin brother named Aqua and a twin sister named Ruby. These twins have an astonishing secret: they are reincarnated individuals. Aqua, who is intelligent and has vivid memories from his previous life, questions his mother’s death and deduces that their biological father is the mastermind behind it. Thus begins Aqua’s journey of revenge. Among the female twins, Ruby dreams of becoming an idol, but her brother Aqua strongly opposes it. A giddy Ruby is scouted as an underground idol on the street, but Aqua and their mother figure, Miyako, are suspicious of the management and encourage Ruby to become an idol at their own agency instead.


In episode 2 of the anime “Oshi no ko,” the excitement of the first episode continues as the twins, raised to middle school third grade, face crossroads in their lives.

Spoiler alert: Episode 2 of the anime “Oshi no ko”

Please note that there are spoilers for episode 2.

Become a top idol like my late mother…Ruby Hoshino’s challenge!


The second episode of “Oshi no ko” begins suddenly with no opening title, accompanied by the opening theme song “Idol” by YOASOBI. The opening video is impressive, as the deceased idol Ai smiles widely.

At the Scramble Crossing in Shibuya, a video for an audition for an additional member for a certain large idol group plays on Q’s EYE, catching the attention of Hoshino Ruby (CV. Yuri Ikomaa) who dreams of becoming an idol, causing her to smile excitedly.


Ruby dreams of becoming a top idol like her mother, Ai.

In the anime “Oshi no ko,” Ruby, who dreams of becoming an idol, did not meet the requirements to audition previously, but after waiting two years, she is finally able to audition. Out of 136,114 applicants, Ruby passed the first round of selection with a 105.7 ratio and is currently waiting for the results of the second round of the audition. Despite being evaluated by a friend who passed the audition with a reference ratio of 12.7 as “cute and good at dancing, but singing is a bit off,” Ruby is determined to pass the audition despite her lack of singing skills.

The cost is not commensurate with the return… don’t dream of idols.

Ruby has two secrets she can’t tell her friends. She is the daughter of the late idol Ai who was stabbed to death, and she has memories of her past life as a hardcore Ai fan who passed away at the age of 12. Her past life was spent mostly in a hospital room, with idol activities being her only joy in life. She was supported by Ai’s singing until the moment her life’s light went out. When she opened her eyes again, she had been reborn as Ai’s child!

Twins Ruby and Aqua have spent their lives with their mother, Ai, a top idol. Ruby has a dream of becoming an idol, having watched her mother by her side. However, she is now in her third year of junior high school and is about to take the high school entrance exam. She hopes to enter a high school with an entertainment department so that she can become an idol. Aqua, on the other hand, disagrees with her idea and complains bitterly, “I don’t mind if you dream of being an idol, but don’t dream of being an idol…”


In episode 2 of the anime “Oshi no ko,” the protagonist’s brother explains that being an idol is a job where the cost does not match the return. However, the brother has another reason for not wanting his sister to become an idol.

People have changed after the stabbing of Ai.

“Doing what you want is what life is all about! If you keep saying things like that, you won’t be able to do anything!” Ruby thinks this way and wants to live this life to the fullest without regrets, as she was reincarnated. Aqua’s words cannot shake her beliefs.


I feel…her strong feelings!

After Ai’s death, the protagonist’s brother has changed and his sister is concerned about him. He became an apprentice of director Taishi Gotanda (CV: Yasuyuki Kase) and always wears a gloomy expression, never seeming happy.


My concern is not only about my brother…

After losing their mother, who was a top idol, the twins and their brother Aqua live in the residence above the B Komachi office, which was their mother’s representative work. B Komachi disbanded two years after the incident where their mother, Ai, was stabbed to death, and the CEO who raised Ai, Ichigo Saito (CV: Hiroki Tochi), disappeared. Currently, Miyako Saito (CV: Lynn), his wife, manages Ichigo Productions and only manages internet talents with no idol department. However, Miyako actually wants to create idols and holds back while looking back on the miracle that Ai brought about.


Miyako has circumstances that prevent her from engaging in idol work.

The sissy brother is a cover-up.

Ruby fails the audition, and Aqua disguises himself to keep Ruby from knowing the truth. However, Miyako knows about Aqua’s actions and convinces Ruby that she has what it takes to be an idol. Aqua is determined to seek revenge and scares his sister with the fear of repeating the same tragedy as Ai.


An extraordinary obsession. But the world will not miss Ruby, whose beauty is inherited from her mother..!

Ruby is scouted as an underground idol on the street and excitedly exclaims, “I feel destiny!” However, Aqua and Miyako look at her with suspicion.To convince Ruby that she has what it takes to become an idol, Miyako, who knows everything about Aqua’s cover-up, says, “I can’t stop Ruby’s feelings because I think of her as my daughter.”

The third option takes you to your longed-for idol!

The protagonist’s brother conducts an investigation into the reality of underground idol management who scouted his sister using an Ichigo Productions business card. There, he contacts a member of the group, Lala (CV: Ayano Shibuya), and learns that the management is getting involved with the members. The brother decides that he will not allow his sister to become an idol under untrustworthy management. Despite this, Miyako speaks harshly to Ruby, who still wants to become an idol.

” It’s a tough world, you know? There’s even the risk of being stalked…”

“I know! I’ll definitely become like Mom!!”

Feeling their seriousness, Miyako and Aqua present Ruby with the third option: becoming an idol at Ichigo Productions. Ruby immediately signs a talent contract with Ichigo Productions.

Aqua is an apprentice of Taishi Gotanda and his daily routine involves going to Gotanda’s apartment. Aqua lives in his urban childhood home and has a studio there. Taishi’s mother (CV: Takamiko Saito) welcomes Aqua. As a third-year junior high school student, Aqua cannot work part-time, so he is doing secret production work at Taishi’s place. Aqua originally aspired to be an actor, but now he aspires to be behind the scenes and entering the entertainment industry is not his goal, but a means to an end.


The goal… to find the man (father) who sent Ai to his death and make him suffer the same pain as Ai.

Aqua(early ripening) was just about to say something nice!

The brother believes that he needs to directly contact a celebrity to find their father, as DNA testing is required. While an actor would be the fastest means, it doesn’t matter if they work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. The brother gives up on becoming an actor, saying, “I don’t have anything special like Ai, and I don’t have the talent for acting.” However, due to something that Ai left behind like a will, the brother cannot give up on the path of becoming an actor.

A man in his mid-40s named Taishi has been pursuing his dream for 20 years. He advises a young man named Aqua, “Everyone has the right to dream! Don’t give up because of setbacks!” as he places his hand on Aqua’s head and speaks calmly, but Aqua stubbornly refuses. Taishi senses Aqua’s desire to become an actor and says, “Use all the weapons you have before you say that kind of thing. Your face shows your desire to become an actor.” At that moment, Taishi’s mother bursts into the room and shouts, “What was the precocious one trying to say?!”

The scene has changed.Aqua and Ruby take the entrance exam for Yoto High School. They are surprised to learn that famous child actress Kana Arima also attends the same school. When asked if they are in the entertainment department, Kana is surprised, as she thought Aqua was still pursuing acting.

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In episode 2 of “Oshi no ko,” the ending theme song “Mephisto” by Queen Bee is poignant and moving. The phrase “I’ll bet my life on it…I’ll give it to you” suggests Aqua’s decision to take on revenge alone. The Hoshino siblings are not interested in an ordinary youth. What kind of path will they take, filled with dreams and revenge? It’s scary, but I want to see it! Personally, I was thrilled by the scene featuring Arima. She’s a very cute and likable character!

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