Oshi no Ko

“Oshi no Ko” Episode 5 Summary and Review【Spoiler Alert】The new idol struggled to move from YouTube to mainstream media, while a mysterious man changed his identity to appear on a dating show.


The new idol struggled to move from YouTube to mainstream media, while a mysterious man changed his identity to appear on a dating show.

The story follows a sibling group: a brother who is inexperienced in love and takes on a new persona to challenge himself, a sister who wants to debut as an idol and endures the struggles to achieve that goal, and twins who each strive to accomplish their own objectives. They also work together to identify the mastermind behind their mother’s murder, who was a legendary idol. In Episode 5, they are moved by each other’s efforts on a reality dating show.

「oshi no ko」Episode 4 Synopsis and Recap

Aquarium Hoshino, who appears in the drama “Today is Sweet”, gets irritated when she hears a backhanded comment from Producer Kagami about the heroine actress on set. However, Hoshino uses her skillful acting to read the air and brilliantly plays the role of a “creepy stalker”. As a result, she helped set up a stage for the heroine to shine, and her co-star Kana Arima was able to show off her “best crying and love face”. Only the final episode in which Hoshino and Arima co-starred has received favorable reviews from certain core fans.

As a result of DNA testing, it was determined that Kuboki P is not the culprit in the Hoshino Ai murder case. The investigation to find Hoshino Ai’s biological father has been resumed. However, it is revealed that Kuboki P was a secret attendant of Hoshino Ai. When Aqua shows interest, Kuboki P presents certain conditions.

Meanwhile, the Hoshino siblings have entered high school. Hoshino Ruby, who belongs to the entertainment department, stands out in her class for her entertainment activities. Aqua proposes introducing Arima Kana to Strawberry Pro.


In episode 4, there were many new developments such as Kan Arima’s budding love and the revelation of gossip about Hoshino Ai’s relationships with men. Episode 5 is also full of new developments, and Ruby’s idol activities finally begin!

[Spoilers] Anime “[Oshi no Ko]” Episode 5 Synopsis and Impressions

Aqua recommended Arima Kana to her sister’s group. Ruby carefully observed Kana and became convinced. With her glossy hair, innocent childlike face, and naturally silly persona, Arima Kana, or Lolisenpai, is a kid who earns a ton of popularity among otakus.


Ruby, who was a former idol otaku, has a professional perspective and analysis.

Ruby, who thought there might be a grudge due to the slip of the tongue “child prodigy who licks baking soda,” is proposed by her brother to “call her out and just talk?” On the other hand, Kana is ego-searching. She finds a post praising Aqua’s acting and looks, and thinks of Aqua with embarrassment. Then, a message from Aqua calling her out after school arrives! Will Kana, who is sure to be a capable helper, come through?

What was the one word he used to woo his senior Loli, who was adamantly refusing to be his idol?

When Ruby scouted her, Kana immediately thought of turning it down. She wasn’t cute enough to become an idol. If she focused on idol activities, she would lose her jobs as a young actor. There was also the risk of self-producing being too great. However, Ruby had something that reminded Kana of the genius idol AI, who was destined to become popular. Kana’s sense of being a celebrity made her feel the potential in Ruby. Aqua begged her on one knee. And he started to say that Arima was much cuter than the average idol. In the end, Kana was forced to sign the contract. Aqua read Kana’s strong empathy and weak-willed personality and won by crying and pushing hard.

Appearance on romantic reality show

At the drama wrap party, Dekuuki P tried to persuade Ai by saying, “If you appear on the program, I’ll tell you the deep inside story of Ai…about her relationships with men.” He thought that knowing about Ai’s relationships could help them find their father. Aqua decided to appear on a reality dating show. The program side allowed them to talk freely, but cautioned them to be careful of the camera angles. When the camera approached, they were asked to properly summarize what they were talking about at that time.

【Starting Serious Love from Now】

In the reality TV show “Starting Serious Love from Now” six high school students who are also entertainers are featured. These beautiful boys and girls are a carefully selected cast chosen by Kaburagi, who is a face-loving producer.

  1. Yuki Washimi: model, first year of high school.
  2. Nobuyuki Kumano: dancer, second year of high school.
  3. Akane Kurokawa: actress, second year of high school.
  4. MEM cho: YouTuber, third year of high school.
  5. Kengo Morimoto: band member, third year of high school.
  6. Aqua: actor, third year of high school.

Through a weekend event, we will deepen our connections. Will a couple be formed from this? This is a dating variety show. The hot kissing scene between the established couple in the previous season was a hot topic!

Changing the character from dark to light, a struggle!

Aqua underwent a bold character change! In order to counteract the gloomy and ominous atmosphere, the character was included as bright and friendly. Although Aqua is usually strict with those who are spoiled, she interacts positively with MEMcho in this program, finding her cute.


Aqua struggles with young people’s conversation…

My sister and Arima Kana expressed discomfort at Aqua’s manly behavior while watching video footage for the media. Miyako calmed them down and talked about the reality of the entertainment industry. Her words were that it’s not possible to survive in the entertainment industry with just a sense of sexual morality.

Yuki Washimi murmurs next to Aqua, “I’m such a coward, I won’t be able to move forward aggressively… I’ll just end up being buried.”

A baptism of love reality show! My sister’s guess is Yuki Washimi, no way!

Aqua and Yuki discussed their respective romantic situations. For Yuki, who is interested in romance despite having no prior experience, this project was incredibly valuable. On the other hand, Aqua revealed that she is not indifferent to romance, but is carrying emotional baggage from past experiences.


I still haven’t digested my love (for Ai) in my previous life…Aqua (Goro).

Two people who found a commonality in wanting to overcome something. As the distance between their hearts grew closer… Yuki whispered in Aqua’s ear, “I might be able to kiss you!” Aqua smirked confidently and said, “This place will definitely be used.” Aqua endured the baptism of the reality show with a good personality.

Ruby is the only one in the entertainment department without a job, a self-proclaimed idol with no original songs, and an unknown existence with no unit name. Feeling a sense of crisis about her current situation, Ruby was searching for something she could do.

The two who were determined to do the ultra-hard “Pieyon Boot Dance” finally decided on a name for their unit!

Miyako proposed, “Let’s start by selling our name on the internet!” Ichigo Pro has many streamers and is strong on the internet. Collaborating with YouTubers is one of the most effective ways to rapidly increase subscribers. We will work with Pieyong, a YouTuber under Ichigo Pro, to come up with a strategy to increase our visibility.


What is Pieyon…A masked muscle training YouTuber who is very popular among elementary and junior high school students! buff x light blue bikini pants x chick mask…

Character business that competes for impact, or will you make fun of Pieyon? With Pieyon’s strong income mount of “I make an annual income of 100 million yen,” Arima Kana is silent.

Ruby’s strong request not to lie on her first job leads her to take on a difficult project. The “Pieyon Boot Dance 1-hour Challenge” starts! Ruby and Kana wear the same chick mask as Pieyon and relentlessly dance for an hour until they are exhausted!

Piyoyon asked the two who successfully showed their faces what the unit name was. When she was told “you can decide as you like,” Kana finally made a decision. Then, Ruby announced happily, “Our name is B Komachi!”

What to Expect in the Next Episode of the Animated Series “[oshi no ko]”

Aquors’ expressions as they are tossed around by the girls are cute, and Ruby, who happily smiled throughout the harsh dance, was also cute. And, they inherit the unit name of the legendary idol Ai (mother)! At the end of the first episode, many viewers probably didn’t get goosebumps from fear and terror, but from hope and excitement. The realistic love story of the variety show, which is more real than reality, and the high expectations for what’s to come for Bokura no Live Kimi to no Life!

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