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“Oshi no Ko” Episode 6 Summary and Review【Spoiler Alert】A big firestorm…A hardworking young actress has her heart broken by the internet.


Episode 6 of the drama, “Ego Search,” depicts the dangers of online criticism and backlash after a romance reality show causes a controversy. A young actress caught up in the scandal is portrayed as becoming emotionally drained from reading negative comments about herself online, prompting us to question our relationship with the internet. It’s a shocking episode.

[Spoilers] Anime “[Oshi no Ko]” Episode 5 Synopsis and Impressions

Protagonist Hoshino Akua, a twin brother, is invited to appear in a reality love show. This is because Kaburagi P holds insider information about Ai’s romantic relationships. To uncover the mastermind behind Ai’s murder, he can’t afford to choose means.

For the program “Starting Serious Love from Now (Imagachi)”, Akua is filming with six high school students, all of whom are handsome and beautiful. Akua approaches the shoot with a bright and friendly character that is different from his usual self.

Meanwhile, Akua’s twin sister, Hoshino Ruby, starts working hard to form an idol group. Ruby scouts Arima Kana, who was recommended by Akua. Kana chose to sign an idol contract and stay by Akua’s side.

Ruby and Kana take on a collaborative project with popular YouTuber Pie Yong to gain more popularity online. Ruby completes the tough Pie Yong boot dance with a smile, and Kana gives up naming rights for their unit. Ruby decides to name their unit after her deceased mother’s idol group, “B-Komachi”.

[Spoilers] Anime “[Oshi no Ko]” Episode 6 Synopsis and Impressions

A news report stated that Nobuyuki Kumano, a high school second-year student and dancer, revealed that Yuki Washimi, a member of the same dance group, wanted to quit. Washimi expressed her fear of being watched by many people doing what she loves and feeling overwhelmed by the attention. Kumano desperately tried to persuade Washimi to stay, promising a shocking development.


The next preview of imagachi tears immediately became an online article and a hot topic of conversation!

Yuki looked at the article and smiled happily, wondering if the audience had increased. She was really bullied at school and there were times when she wanted to quit because the recording was early in the morning, but she managed to get through it somehow. She talked about her feelings honestly and revealed her innermost thoughts a little bit. She had no intention of resigning and it was not a lie, she just exaggerated a little. Akane Kurokawa, who had taken the resignation statement seriously, admired Yuki’s technique and took notes.

The “battle for Yuki” captured the hearts of viewers, and the program became a hot topic of conversation!

The shoot began and the characters gradually emerged.

Akane, the actress, is serious and clumsy but hardworking. Yuki, the model, is a cunning female heroine and is highly supported by girls. MEM-cho, the YouTuber, is an excellent balancer with an unswerving core. Nobu, the dancer, is a popular boy who is seriously in love and has no hidden agenda. Kengo, the bandman, is a modest boy who likes Labrador Retrievers. Meanwhile, Aqua, the actor, is a master of reading the atmosphere with a serene analysis.

According to Aqua’s calm analysis, Yuki and MEM-cho, who are good at their behavior, are keeping a good position. On the other hand, Kengo and Akane are not doing well in the show, with fewer appearances and less impact.

The romance reality show revolves around the couple Yuki and Nobu, with Kengo showing jealousy towards them. A love triangle involving Yuki is formed! Yuki, a game maker, functions as a small devil and greatly enhances the program. Currently, the show is gaining popularity mainly among junior and senior high school students.

A sister’s frustration explodes at her brother’s sense of proficiency! Does yarase exist?

Sunday, there was a promise to have a meal with the family, but Aqua was planning to eat out with her hardcore friends today and come back. When her brother returned home with a satisfied look on his face, his sister, Hoshino Ruby, made a sarcastic remark.


MEM Cho, who is rich from splitting his earnings with his office, treated us to yakiniku! By the way, Akane’s office is 8:2…how sad.

Ruby feels dissatisfied that Aqua goes out for shoots every weekend. Ruby complains, “The concept is to gather after school, but shooting on weekends is fake!” On the other hand, the brother who appears on KoiRia, where Ruby’s younger sister is also appearing, commented, “There is less fakeness in KoiRia than I thought.” As the program is selling reality, it was structured to reflect each performer’s personality as it is. Aqua is a little worried. From the viewer’s perspective, it is good that there is less fakeness, but because lies are the greatest means of self-protection, having less lies also means that the performers are defenseless.

Akane Kurokawa made a bad girl move.

As Aqua had achieved her goal, she decided to relax until the end of the program. Similarly, MEMcho was content with achieving the goal of increasing their channel subscribers, and so was satisfied with maintaining their “silly healing stream”. The two adults were worried about Akane, who was still anxious and unable to do anything. And then, an event occurred that made Akane even more anxious.

Akane was practicing on her own in the office when she heard the president shouting at the manager. “Just working hard won’t make any money! Leave a mark!” Blaming herself, Akane sought the answer in a memo. The memo said, “What is needed now is something more intense.”

Akane asked, “Is there a way for me to stand out?” The director replied, “To make your character stand out, it’s good to take a move from the villain and steal Yuki’s boyfriend. But, this is not an instruction.” Straightforward Akane took the adults’ words at face value.

Live in the age of big ego search! Educational guidance from Kana!

Ruby bought a new, bad-tasting juice at a convenience store and tried to post it on SNS to get her money back. However, she was warned by Kana Arima, who said, “What if you get egosurfed? Imagine that at least five people related to you will see that post!” Kana took away Ruby’s smartphone and performed an egosurfing investigation. It was revealed that she was thoroughly egosurfing with the keyword “cute” in related searches.

Today we live in an era of hugely popular ego-situation. Many people, including idols, are monitoring themselves and related content online. If you neglect online marketing, you may soon be left behind. Kana says, “Don’t forget that when you look into the abyss, the abyss is also looking into you,” and teaches Ruby how to deal with the Internet.

The Internet will not forgive “she who left her mark”.

Akane, Yuki, and MEM Cho do pretty nails. Akane says, “I want to stand out and get results…” to which Yuki replies, “I will fight to stand out.

During the two-shot time between Akane and Kengo, Yuki interrupts. Yuki takes Kengo’s hand and starts to run, using his favorite Labrador as a pretext. Akane tries to stop Yuki, but the next moment, Akane’s nail hits Yuki’s cheek, causing a cut. Akane apologizes, but Yuki laughs and says it doesn’t affect her work and she is not angry.

The camera was not rolling, but they did not go on the record about the incident. The next episode’s preview message reads “Akane raised her hand to Yuki…” and the audience reacts. Even if the matter is resolved in their minds, the Internet will not allow it.

Wanted to ease myself out of ego searching.

In accordance with her agreement not to say anything about the parts of the program that were not on the air, Akane chose her words carefully and tweeted an apology, but was subjected to relentless criticism from people on the Internet. Being a serious person, Akane ego-searched the critical opinions and took them seriously.

This weakened her spirit to the point that she could no longer eat and vomited. And even her kind mother began to criticize her relentlessly for her poor upbringing.

Even those who have worked hard and earned a reputation are called “good girl moves” who don’t understand people’s hearts. Even the false rumor that she is a bitch with a bad taste in men begins to spread.

Don’t tweet anything because anything you say will only give them fuel. This was the only advice from the office. In the midst of all this, the show aired and rekindled! There is no more salvation.

Simple death.

Akane saw this tweet and wandered out into the storm. I am exhausted. Not wanting to think about anything else…she stood on the parapet of the pedestrian bridge and tried to get comfortable!

Someone pulled Akane back into the world. Akane resisted, saying that she wanted to be comfortable. I am not your enemy… please calm down! Akane heard the voice of Aqua Hoshino.

What to Expect in the Next Episode of the Animated Series “[oshi no ko]”

Even if it is not in the entertainment industry, lies and exaggerations abound here and there in this world. We still do not know what is the right answer. Even if the fact that Akane was burned by the fire will not disappear, I sincerely hope that she will find salvation. Something similar happened in Japan with a romantic reality show. Will the slander on the Internet never end?

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