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“Oshi no Ko” Episode 3 Summary and Review【Spoiler Alert】Extract father from deceased mother’s address book… Brother who returned to acting gets close to “Suspect P”!?


The words of a sad young man who laments that he knows too much about reality resonate in the heart even though he is only in the third year of middle school. “In the world… it’s rare to be given a proper evaluation.” Episode 3 “Manga adaptation drama”. The curtain of revenge rises. To expose his real father, who is the mastermind behind his mother’s murder, he jumps into the entertainment industry, where he is good at lying. “Since I’m here, I might as well go crazy and come back…!” The last hot mutterings of the calm young man make my heart burn.

Synopsis and review of the previous episode 2

Ruby, a third-year junior high school student, dreams of becoming an idol like her mother. However, after her mother’s death, Saito Miyako, who has raised her in place of her mother, tells her the reality. “Success as an idol is like hitting the jackpot in the lottery, and such a miracle will never happen again. Reality doesn’t work out that well. You shouldn’t expect your abilities to be evaluated properly.” Nevertheless, Ruby does not give up her dream and joins an underground idol group with questionable management to become an idol. However, Ruby’s older brother Hoshino Aqua has been using every means necessary to prevent her from entering the entertainment industry. He knows that the mastermind behind his mother’s murder is in the entertainment industry and plans revenge. Aqua did not want to involve his sister in revenge, so he entrusted Ruby to Ichigo Pro, which is managed by Miyako, as a last resort to keep her away from the dangerous entertainment industry.


In the second episode, Ruby began to take the path of “entertainment” as if guided by fate. In the third episode, her brother Aqua, who is also led by an unavoidable fate, decides to enter the entertainment industry.

[Spoilers] Anime “[Oshi no Ko]” Episode 3 Synopsis and Impressions

Aqua, the twin brother (CV. Takehito Koyasu), reunites with former child prodigy actress Arima Kana (CV. Megumi Han) to take the entertainment high school (Yohto High School). Kana asks about Aqua’s concern for his sister in the entertainment department, but he explains that he is entering the general department. Ruby, the twin sister (CV. Yurie Ikuma), is not good at it, but she smiles and tries to get along with Kana. Kana gets angry at Ruby’s rude remarks to her seniors, but Aqua tells her that he won’t join in on girl talk and leaves to meet with the director. Kana follows Aqua, who was bombarded with questions, and declares that she will follow him around until she answers all of her questions. “Let’s talk! If karaoke is no good… my house?”


Bashful but bold girlfriend who invites him home…

In order to be in the entertainment industry, one must always be conscious of one’s surroundings. Aqua understands the situation and takes her to a familiar place.

Would you like to appear in a drama where I play the heroine?

Aqua goes to director Taishi Gotanda’s (CV. Yasuyuki Kase) hometown with Kana. There, Aqua tells Kana that she is working as the director’s assistant. While eating dinner prepared by Taishi’s mother (CV. Kumiko Saito) with the three of them, Gotanda laments at Kana’s sharp tongue, saying “It’s shocking that the director is a parasite at his parents’ house!”

Kana, who is continuing her career as an actress, lives alone in a dormitory. She relies on delivery for her carbohydrate-free diet. She seems to have enough savings from her earnings as a child actor to withdraw from.

A person once suggested to Aqua that she try appearing in the drama adaptation of the manga where they are the heroine, “Today’s Sweetness”, expressing a desire to see her acting skills. However, Aqua quickly rejected the proposal.


However, there was a change in my feelings when the name “someone” came up!

“When the name Katsuya Kaburagi was mentioned, Aqua’s eyes sharpened. She said, ‘I might be appearing on a show because Kaburagi-san finds me cute…'”

The clue is the 3 mobile phones left by my mother… 45510’s obsession!

Aqua found an old pink Galapagos mobile phone that Hoshino Ai had used before she got pregnant. After Hoshino Ai died, Aqua examined the contents of the phone to pursue the mastermind who killed her. However, breaking through the login password was extremely difficult! She didn’t know how many digits the password was, and if she made a mistake, the phone would be inoperable for 30 seconds… Aqua continued to trial and error every day, and on her 45510th attempt, she successfully broke through!

After spending four years, Aqua saved the email addresses and phone numbers of several entertainment industry professionals on their mobile phone. One of them was registered as No.007, and it turned out to be Katsuya Kaburagi!

Katsuya Kaburagi may have had some relationship with Hoshino Ai and could potentially be the biological father of her twins. There is also a possibility that he was involved in Ai’s death. Aqua decides to go for it, saying “Let’s do it!” but Kana warns her to be prepared as it’s a location with some problems. Kana immediately sends Aqua’s profile and Katsuya Kaburagi (CV. Masaki Terasoma) quickly approves Aqua’s appearance.


Kaburagi, who has a strong connection with the modeling agency, strongly values facial appearance! Aqua also passed based on her good-looking face.

Aqua Hoshino is trying to be an actor again… but it was a “terrible drama” to appear in!

Saito Miyako (CV.Lynn) announces her appearance in the drama with Ruby as Aqua. “Mom used to tell me… in the future, I’ll be an idol and Aqua will be an actor,” says the emotional sister. P, who had a relationship with Ai before her death, will be satisfied as long as he can collect even one hair root. The brother cannot tell his happy sister that he decided to appear in the drama for revenge. The popular girl manga-based drama “Today’s Sweetness” is a super sweet love story between a girl with a sad past who can only eat canned food and supplements and a mean transfer student. Aqua’s role is decided as the villainous stalker who appears in the final episode!


Stalkers who follow the heroine… a terrible role for Aqua.

Ruby and Miyako, who started watching the first episode of the drama, stopped watching it early on! “It’s not that we can’t watch it, but… it’s terrible! Wasn’t Loli-senpai supposed to be a better actress?” Ruby criticized the drama full of points to nitpick. Aqua conveys Ruby’s impressions to Kana. While spitting out abusive language at Ruby, Kana passionately talks about how she deliberately performs “lukewarm and unskilled acting.”

The plan is to release a lot of models that we want to sell and reach the handsome-loving female market. In this drama, the focus is too much on the seller’s convenience, and acting ability is not a priority. Kana expresses her true feelings that she actually wants to act with all her might.


It seems that the original author who came to observe the filming of episode 1 returned disappointed.

Please… make a good work with me!

“Good acting and creating good works are different things. At least make a watchable work… That’s why I even do bad acting! For actors, social skills are important!”


The answer she arrived at after experiencing a dark period, after once becoming a hit and passing her prime.

“To put it simply, I am an easy-to-use actor who strives to contribute to the quality of the work without imposing my own preferences. Kanzaki P chose to hire me because he knows that I understand this. ” Kana grips Aqua’s hand tightly. “Please… let’s make a great work together! I think we can do it together.” Aqua watches the drama again when she returns home.

An incompetent cast for a bad production. However, the staff is excellent and the heroine is a skilled professional! Techniques for making a watchable production with bad acting are being used everywhere. Aqua is delighted, saying, “There seems to be a way to do it!” The location for filming was only secured for one day. After one practice, it was time for the actual shoot… In addition, there was a crucial scene involving the popular actor, Melt Narushima (CV: Seiji Maeda). Kana soothes the cast and supports them in smoothly completing the shoot.

“Are you going home after a mess?” Cool Aqua became serious.

Aqua, who wore a black hood pulled down over her eyes, challenged the shoot with an appearance reminiscent of Riosuke, the culprit who killed her mother. “I like Aqua’s acting… she gives the impression that she’s been working hard all along.” I evaluate Aqua’s acting as someone who supports the story by killing her own ego. “It’s been ten years since I was last evaluated for my abilities… I’m glad I continued!” She says that the discovery of someone who had struggled with her in the pitch-black entertainment industry was the only reason for her reunion with Aqua.


An event that makes Aqua angry after she learns about Kana’s feelings…!

Aqua plans to get something that can be used for DNA testing from Kaburagi while he’s not looking. In the meantime, she overhears a conversation between the staff and Kaburagi Producer.

“I hate that they’re so picky about acting, but it’s easy to use… The name is well-known and the pay is practically nothing, so it’s a win!”

Aqua thinks to herself while picking up Kaburagi’s cigarette butt. He’s not even being evaluated… In the world, it’s rare for someone to receive appropriate recognition. Aqua’s heart starts to boil. A voice announces that filming will resume.

“We’re done collecting… but since we’re already here, why not go all out and have some fun!”

What to expect in the next anime “[Oshi no Ko]”

The ending conveyed the “hidden warmth within the coolness” of Aqua! I’m curious about how it became such a mess. Now, the suspects have been narrowed down to several dozen people found in the phone book data. The persistence of enduring “30 seconds of nothingness” for four years is sending shivers down my spine… Will it turn out that Kaburagi P is actually the father (mastermind)?

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