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“Oshi no Ko” Episode 4 Summary and Review【Spoiler Alert】Twins Go to High School! Older Brother Enters School Alone. Little-Known Younger Sister Struggles to Survive in the Entertainment Department?!


In Episode 4, “Actor,” the cool older brother showcases his serious acting skills, such as using the “make a mess on set” technique during filming. In addition, someone presents an important testimony that brings them closer to uncovering the mastermind behind their mother’s murder.

Moreover, the Hoshino siblings enroll in high school, but the brother ends up alone while the sister, being unknown, risks being ostracized. The Hoshino twins must navigate the challenges of starting their school life.

Kana Arima was a former child prodigy actress who became a senior when she enrolled in Yoto High School. “Won’t you appear in the drama ‘Today, Sweet Taste’?” Kana invites Aqua, who she co-starred with in her childhood.

In this drama based on a manga, Kana played the heroine but received a very low rating of one star on a streaming site. Many inexperienced young actors appeared in the drama and their performances were poorly received by viewers. When Aqua learns that Katsuya Kagami is the producer, he eagerly desires to appear in the drama.

Kaburagi is one of the potential biological fathers whose contact information was left on the cell phone of Hoshino Ai, his mother. The mastermind behind Ai’s murder is Aqua, who is believed to be her biological father. To collect DNA samples from Kaburagi, Aqua sneaks into the drama set. She successfully plays the role of a stalker of the heroine and obtains Kaburagi’s cigarette butts.

In the midst of all this, Aqua overhears Kaburagi talking behind Arima Kana’s back. She says extremely harsh words to Kana, who supports the drama with her acting and consideration. “Do whatever you want and leave!” Aqua becomes furious and decides to go wild in this scene once again.


At the end of episode 3, it was impressive to see the cool and collected Aqua reveal her emotions and show her burning passion for helping people. In episode 4, a series of events following that are depicted. She utilizes her knowledge as a behind-the-scenes player and demonstrates an impressive presence through her splendid acting!

[Spoilers] Anime “[Oshi no Ko]” Episode 4 Synopsis and Impressions

Owakon:It means that the season has passed.

The filming location for the drama “Today’s Sweetness” is experiencing heavy rain, with large puddles even indoors. Only three scenes remain, including some of the most famous scenes from the original work.

  1. The showdown scene between the hero and the stalker!
  2. The scene where the girl who knows nothing of love sheds tears for the first time after being protected by someone!
  3. The scene where the heroine shows her face as she falls in love!

Kana Arima was once praised by everyone as a genius child actor who could make people cry in 10 seconds during her golden age, but now she is treated as a washed-up child actor who has become boring on the internet. However, Kana clings to the entertainment industry and finally lands a long-awaited leading role. The drama has been released up to episode 4, and most viewers are disappointed and criticize it as a failure.

It’s not too late yet!

She knows it’s a pretty crappy production, but she wants to make it a good one no matter what. For that, she has to work hard with all her might, even if she has to cling to a straw. However, Kana struggles to raise her acting tension, and she feels discouraged as she can’t cover up the terrible acting of the handsome-faced Melt Narushima who is a complete amateur.


And finally, the savior appears!

A real ad-lib performance as a stalker who creates darkness by “messing up”!

In the role of a stalker, Hoshino Aqua intentionally walks through puddles to make her presence known. The drama director decides to incorporate this ad-lib by Aqua, which was not present during the rehearsal.

With Aqua’s arrival, the atmosphere completely changed. Let’s acknowledge the director’s excellent production skills in capturing the author’s intentions. Use everything at your disposal. Aqua thought to herself and observed the situation on the spot to create the best production possible. “You look ugly up close… Do you need editing?” Aqua whispered in Melto’s ear, causing him to grab her collar in anger.

A scene like the original was created by the hero who got angry at the stalker. Aqua said, “Try your best, Arima Kana!” and put all her effort into creating a scary and creepy atmosphere to make the heroine’s tears shine. Pulled in by her acting, Melto also hits Aqua for real. “You’re dreaming. Your life is in complete darkness!” The stalker’s bizarre acting connects the baton to the heroine. “…But there’s still light.” And a beautiful tear runs down the heroine’s cheek.


“Aqua’s specialty of making people cry in 10 seconds was on full display as she created a scene with a chaotic and emotional performance.”

The final installment of a masterpiece that made the original author cry…and the heroine fall in true love!

When Melto apologizes, Aqua tells him that he doesn’t need to apologize. “Emotions are important for acting… Thanks to that, Arima was able to act seriously.” Finally, the filming of the face scene of the maiden who fell in love with the protagonist begins. While looking at Aqua standing behind the camera, Kana makes an excellent love face.

Melto and Aqua’s conversation seems to have made Kana fall for Aqua. Manga artists with media experience always say not to have high expectations. Yoriko Kichijoji, the author of “Today is Sweet,” returned home from the shooting location in despair. On the day of the final episode of the drama “Today is Sweet,” she watched it until the end, shedding tears along with the tears of the heroine. “I’m glad it was adapted into a drama…” she murmured with a smile.

Only hardcore fans of the original and actors continued to watch the final episode. The final episode was a masterpiece! This was the overall impression. The drama “Today is Sweet” received quiet and enthusiastic praise in a small community without causing a buzz or becoming a hot topic.

DNA test results revealed! Shocking revelations by Hoshino Eye’s attender P!

The people involved gathered for the launch of the drama. The drama was a big hit with the audience. “A lot of people’s jobs are on the line…scandals are out of the question! In case you’re wondering, do you have a girlfriend?” When asked by Kana, Aqua replies that he has no girlfriend.


Kana cannot hide her joy. The original author, Yoriko Kichijoji, speaks to Kana with a smile. This work was supported by Arima’s performance… thank you!” Kana’s eyes are filled with wow at these words.

Katsuya Katsuragi approaches Aqua and speaks to her. The DNA test has revealed that her biological father is a stranger. “Are you from Ichigo Pro, the one who looks like Ai?” Katsuragi says that he often saw Ai and worked with her for non-work-related matters through magazine model intermediaries. Katsuragi then reveals Ai’s secret attendant mission, “I told her good places to go when meeting boys without telling the office…” Aqua shows interest in Katsuragi’s story, and Katsuragi offers to exchange information for a favor, “Are you interested in a reality show about romance?”


“Aqua, who doesn’t seem to have any romantic experience, how would she do in a romance variety show?”

Yellow signal for high school life already!? Loner brother and nobody sister.

Ruby Hoshino attended the entrance ceremony of Yohto High School. In the talent section F, there were many beautiful men and women, and Ruby sat by the window. However, her attention was caught by a big-breasted woman named Minami Kotobuki who sat next to her. Although Minami is from Kanagawa, she speaks with a fake Kansai accent and is a gravure idol with a G-cup.

“Ruby, who Googles in front of the person” is unfamiliar with celebrities! Immediately, Ruby introduces her friend Minami to her brother. “Do you have any friends, big brother?” The brother explains to his sister the difficulty of making friends in a combined junior and senior high school. The sister realizes that her brother is a loner in school.

“Who is the cute face that the cool brother recommended to his sister’s idol group?”

Ruby reports to Aqua about Shiranui Frill, who appeared in the long homeroom and was excited. Frill is a multi-talented actress who can sing, dance, and act, with black hair and a mole on her mouth, a beautiful girl. The brother said, “My best recommendation is only Ai… I’m not interested!” and asked Frill, “Can you be friends with my sister?” Frill knew about Aqua’s good acting and also saw Minami’s cover on a magazine, but in the entertainment industry, only Ruby, who is unknown, was not known to Frill.

kyouama(Today is Sweet) is a hot topic on the set of Frill’s drama! Ruby pleads with Saito Miyako, “Make me an idol soon!” Ruby becomes worried that if she doesn’t have an entertainment job, she will be bullied as a regular me-ha. “There are no cute girls right now. If it’s a freelancer, it’s okay…” says Miyako. Aqua recommends one person after hearing that. “There is someone who is a freelancer and has a cute face but has no work despite being famous.” That person was Arima Kana.

What to Expect in the Next Episode of the Animated Series “[oshi no ko]”

Aqua’s comment that Arima Kana is a “cute-faced girl” made me excited. The search for her biological father is back to square one… but I’m curious about the new information that Hoshino Ai (her mother) had a secret meeting partner. Could that man be her father? To find out, she has no choice but to accept Katsuragi P’s invitation! I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of love story the cool him will act out on the romance reality show!

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